Mie Okuda PhotoExecutive chef Mie Okuda has been studying nutrition for the past 30 years. Mie studied all available at that time books & articles on nutrition. Mie has been genuinely curious why people get sick and what it really means to “eat healthy”.

And in 1999 Mie opened her first restaurant in Okada, Japan. The aspiration was to offer healthy & nutritious food to the diverse audience in this busy business center and one of the most fascinating areas of Tokyo. The restaurant was a great success.

One day, a customer, a major Tokyo bank employee, visited Mie’s restaurant. Impressed by the food and service, he offered to invest in Mie’s restaurant. Thus, soon after, the restaurant was expanded to 60 seats–a large restaurant for the area. It became one of the main dining places for many politicians, businessmen and other walks of society. Mie proceeded to open her second establishment in Tokyo as well.

After coming to the US, Mie managed to open her first restaurant, Momokawa in New York City, within just one year. Momokawa restaurant on East 28th St. had grown popular over the few years and had been Michelin recommended restaurant for seven years in a row. Recently Momokawa moved to a larger location on the Upper East Side, that has been a hit ever since.