Foods for Diabetics

Foods for Diabetics

People suffering from diabetes have to control every meal they eat. They have to count the amount of carbohydrates and sugar each meal contains.

Which foods contain allot of sugar?
Among the foods that contain a lot of sugar are certainly cookies, ice cream and generally any dessert and fruits. Among others bread, rice, pastas or starchy foods like potatoes, carrots and pumpkins also contain sugar.

People with diabetes are usually advised by their physicians to only consume a limited amount of carbohydrates and calories per day.

Here are some suitable ingredients for those who need to watch how much sugar and calories they consume. These ingredients are not only suitable for people who have to maintain a low carbohydrate and calorie diet, they also help reduce the glucose blood-levels and help keep them stable.

  1. Your main choice before reaching to carbohydrate filled and oily foods should be vegetables like salads and other greens. These Foods are rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates and fat. Another benefit of these foods is that they don’t create spices in your body’s glucose blood level after eating them.
  2. Make it a habit to consume a small amount of vinegar or acidic juices before you start your meal. Apple cider vinegar with water or lemon juice is a great way to promote the body’s acidic cycle before a meal.
  3. Try and increase the amount of foods you eat that contain very little calories, such as seaweeds or low carbohydrate vegetables.
  4. Control the amount of sodium and cholesterol you consume with each meal.


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