This recipe book is intended for those people who are prohibited from eating certain types of foods because of their health issues. But it’s also suited for people who simply want to lose or keep their weight and for athletes.

Wherever we go, what ever we do, we always need to take time to eat. We eat everyday and thus we can use this precious time of the day to try new and exciting foods. Unfortunately some people are restrained from freely eating whatever they want and usually can’t enjoy certain dishes.

With this recipe book we intend to make common and very tasty dishes accessible again to those people who couldn’t enjoy them before because of the common type of ingredients and their effect on their illness.

Although it is possible to walk any path alone, it will always be easier if some one you trust can accompany you. Especially when it concerns a new diet or a healthier lifestyle it’s great if you can enjoy the benefits with a good friend, partner, family members or anybody who really cares about your wellbeing.

I hope this book will help you think of someone else you would like to inspire and take along on the journey to a healthier and happier life.

Thank you!